21-177.B - Operator - NS

Full time Full day
Prudhoe Bay, AK

Job Objective:

Monitors and operates wells and associated surface equipment including pumps, natural gas compressors, pumping units, valves, tanks, and other vessels, and helps maintain a safe work environment for the company.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Gauges and records tanks and gas meters.

  • Opens and closes valves and tank hatches.

  • Inspects equipment for safety problems, leaks, or wear and tear, and makes or recommends appropriate repairs.

  • Procures necessary materials and supplies to complete daily tasks

  • Reads automatic gauges, at specified intervals, to determine flow rate of oil into or out of tanks and the amount of oil in tanks.

  • Operates pumps and mobile telephone/radio.

  • Turns bleeder valves or lowers sample container into tank to obtain oil sample.

  • Retrieves and performs required tests for quality and integrity on product samples.

  • Maintains logs of meter readings, test results, and adjustments made.

  • Lowers thermometer into tanks to obtain temperature reading.

  • Completes "Daily Production Sheets," and reports results to designated office by daily deadline.

  • Completes "8-Day Gauge Reports" with ending and beginning tank levels, and reports results to designated office on a monthly basis.

  • Completes other daily records, including, "Compressor/Dehy/Flare Reports," "Spill/Sheen/Tank Inspection Reports," and "Daily Pipeline Surveillance Reports," and reports results to designated office at the end of each month.

  • Implements company's "Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plan" (SPCC), as needed.

  • Reports leads or defective valves to supervisor.

  • Tightens connections with wrenches, and greases and oils valves using grease gum and oilcan.

  • Inspects pipelines, valves, and flanges to detect malfunctions, such as loose connections and leaks.

  • Clamps seals around valves to secure tanks.

  • Records meter and pressure readings at gas well.

  • Records readings and test results.

  • Gauges tank containing petroleum and natural gas byproducts, such as condensate, oil, saltwater, or natural gasoline.

  • Starts pumps and opens valves to regulate flow of oil into and out of tanks, according to delivery schedules.

  • Shuts down equipment, following supervisor's instructions, in case of an emergency.

  • May be required to work at multiple fields.

  • Monitors alarms and responds to alarms/pages 24 hours per day.

  • Adheres to the company's values – integrity, ownership, urgency, alignment and innovation.

  • Supports company vision and mission.

  • Adheres to established work schedule, attendance standards and is punctual to work and meetings.

Other Job Responsibilities:

  • Ability to be available 24 hours per day (on call for questions, emergencies, etc.).

  • Maintains employee confidence and protects company assets, including intellectual property, by

keeping information confidential.

  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

  • Participates on emergency response team for location.

  • Other duties as assigned by management.


  • Two (2) years minimum oilfield experience.

  • Ability to work a fourteen (14) day on and fourteen (14) day off 12 hour shift work schedule.

  • Requires less supervision in the performance of routine duties.

  • Demonstrates increasing degrees of understanding how the various parts of the oil/gas facility/plant work together (from the wells through the production facilities to the oil and gas sales lines).

  • Demonstrates an increased ability to work unsupervised, act upon an acquired knowledge of how the facilities function, anticipates and corrects problems before they occur or before other parts of the facility are affected.

  • Demonstrates the ability to routinely operate the facility unsupervised, while maintaining the facility in a safe, environmentally sound condition and maintaining neat and accurate records of the operations.

  • Demonstrates the ability to direct the work of and train other employees of lower rank and/or experience.

  • Demonstrates the ability and willingness to remain aware of and direct the whole scope of simultaneous activities at the job site on a routine basis.

  • Demonstrates the ability to recognize when non-standard or non-routine conditions exist at the facility, notify supervisory staff, and offer recommendations for solutions to the problem.

  • Basic mathematic and mechanical skills.

  • Basic computer skills.

  • Ability to travel to remote locations via large and small planes, helicopter or boat, and ability to don and doff immersion suit.

  • Ability to work in arctic conditions.

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, supervisors, other departments, officials, and the public.

  • Ability to consider safety in all decisions.

  • Experience on the North Slope, Alaska is preferred.

Education Requirements:

  • Graduation from a high school or GED equivalent or any equivalent combination of education and experience demonstrating sufficient knowledge, ability and skill to handle the duties and responsibilities of the position.

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