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We are a global collective of innovators applying the New every day to improve the way the world works and lives. Help us show the world what's possible as you partner with clients to unlock hidden value and deliver innovative solutions. Empowered with innovative tools, continuous learning and a global community of diverse talent and perspectives, we drive success in a new business architecture that disrupts conventional practices. Our expertise spans 40+ industries across 120+ countries and impacts millions of lives every day. We turn ideas into reality.

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Accenture Security helps organizations prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along all points of the security lifecycle. Cybersecurity challenges are different for every business in every industry. Leveraging our global resources and advanced technologies, we create integrated, turnkey solutions tailored to our clients' needs across their entire value chain. Whether we're defending against known cyberattacks, detecting and responding to the unknown, or running an entire security operations center, we will help companies build cyber resilience to grow with confidence. Our team of the security sector's brightest people use the coolest tech to out-hack the hackers and help clients build resilience from within. We blend risk strategy, digital identity, cyber defense, application security and managed service solutions to rethink the entire security lifecycle.

We are currently looking for professionals for our Cyber Security Services aka "CSS" practice with extensive experience in the following:

Job Description for Senior Software Development Product Owner

Product Owners are senior technical staff with extensive experience in software development and working with users to develop software solutions. The Product Owner (PO) supports the SCRUM team, serving as the bridge between product management and Engineering, walking the line between business requirements and technical implementation. The PO drives delivery through leadership and influence and ensures deliverables provide the greatest value to customers while balancing business goals, team velocity, time dependencies and risks.

Customer Proxy and Product Evangelist:

  • Taking the product roadmap, the PO defines the technical vision. The PO acts as the voice of the customer. The PO identifies the features and scope of what the SCRUM team will deliver. This includes decomposing business requirements into meaningful epics and designing storyboards and user stories.

Team Collaboration:

  • The PO collaborates with the SCRUM team(s) to (a) come up with stories that articulate the value of new products or new features, (b) to set sprint and release goals, (c) flush out unclear requirements or stories, and (d) motivate and influence for successful deliveries.

Leadership and Prioritization:

  • The PO provides leadership to the engineering team by articulating customer needs, facilitating the creation of solutions, prioritizing investments, and negotiating trade-offs.

  • The PO receives demonstrations of completed user stories and provides feedback on acceptance criteria and quality of the solution.

Backlog Refinement

  • With input from the product manager and other stakeholders, the PO builds, prunes, and maintains a backlog consisting of user stories and defects. Backlog items are prioritized based on user value, time dependencies, and risk reduction. The PO also reviews and re-prioritizes the backlog as part of the preparatory work for longer term release planning, including coordination of any dependencies with other POs. This includes:

  • Driving story elaboration/"story time": Ensuring that the backlog is visible, transparent, and clear to all, and shows what the Scrum Team will work on next

  • Ensuring the engineering team understands items in the backlog to the level needed

  • Set release goals and manage scope of release

User Experience:

  • The PO will champion the user experience end-to-end by working with a cross-functional team of UI developers, architects and visual designers to ensure the product or features are intuitive and designed with a long lifespan in mind.

Accepting completed stories:

  • The PO is the person responsible for accepting completed stories so they can be released to production. This includes validating that the story meets acceptance criteria.

Stakeholder Management:

The PO is the bridge between product management and the development team. The PO is the point of contact for each group, allowing each to focus on

  • separate goals. Product management will focus on customers and the market while the dev team will focus on technical execution without other stakeholder distractions. The PO also interfaces with other stakeholders (UI developers, architects, etc.) to drive successful deliveries.

Product or Feature Demo:

  • The PO demos product or feature delivered by SCRUM team to key stakeholders and product managers. The PO uses the feedback to prioritize and refine the backlog.

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